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Northwoods Riders Snowmobile Club February 2021 Newsletter

Next Meeting

February 22, 2021
Twin Bay
Board Meeting at 6:00
General Meeting at 7:00

President – Mark McDonald
Vice President – Greg Johnson
Treasurer – Lana Johnson
Secretary – Rita Meidam

John Collom                        Membership – Chetek Wenker
Dale Elliot                            Newsletter – Bette Theobald 
Andy King
Lowell Meidam                                         
Dennis Wenker

Trail Conditions Update:

Having received 8 to 10-inches of snow last week, area trails are in very good condition!  The new snow was just enough to whiten things up and give the groomer operators something to work with.  The cold temps have helped to lock things in - and we are certainly not melting any snow!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Lake Nokomis lake trail that connects The Tilted Loon with the trail on the big part of the lake is CLOSED due to OPEN WATER!  The channel near the Tilted Loon made an unusual turn and opened up the ice at the base of the ramp.  IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT SAFE TO RIDE ANYWHERE NEAR THIS RAMP!  Signs and markers have been removed, and barrels and caution tape placed to warn riders about the danger.

Trailside Cookout:

Despite the cold weather, the trailside cookout was another great success!  With a high temperature that struggled to get to zero, and some pretty gusty winds, it took some hearty souls to come out and make the event what it was - and it was FUN!  We estimate that 125 - 150 people stopped by during the day.  Thanks to Dennis and Chetek Wenker for planning and leading this year's event.  Other volunteer workers included Barb and Tom Tasse, John and Kay Collom, Jeanne Otterholt and Mark and Julia McDonald.  The meat for the event was donated this year by Hewitt's Meats in Tomahawk.  Chips were donated by Bob Hobson.  Chili was donated by Rick and Myra Ross and Margaret Engelbrecht.  Firewood for the bonfire (which was essential) was donated by Gary Gavin and Jim Hanson.  Roger Selmer did a fine job keeping the fire stoked again this year!  We were able to run four 50/50 raffles and received a good amount of donations from our visitors.  Thanks to all those that worked the event and to everyone that stopped by!


Membership Totals:

We currently have 472 members in our club with 72 new members. New members at the January meeting included:  Gary and Jean Gavin, Rose Wojcik, Rod, Kim and Courtney Fisher, and Mike and Sandy Wick.  Thanks for joining us!

Club Rides:

Looking to get out and ride AND meet new friends who enjoy snowmobiling?  Come join us for a club ride! 

Wednesday, February 17.  Meeting at Twin Bay and leaving promptly at 6:00 p.m. 

Thursday, March 4th.  Meeting at Boomba Bar and leaving promptly at 6:00 p.m.

Website Update:

All members who have an email address are now entered into the Northwoods Riders website.  Thank you to Lana and Ben Johnson for manually entering all the members into the site!  The club newsletter will now be able to be sent out through the website in one blast to all members vs. sending them out in batches through the old Yahoo email.  All of this is possible because of Chris Triplett, a club member, who has donated all of his time and licensing fees to get this website up and running! 

Northwoods Riders Youth Snowmobile Club:

Dale Elliott reported to date there are no youth who have signed up to be a part of the Northwoods Riders Youth Snowmobile Club.  We are still looking for youth who would be interested and current club member recruitment can help make this possible!  If you know someone who is interested in joining, please send us their info or have them contact us at

On-Line Store:

Something new and exciting is available to all our members!  Jon Marcks, a member of our snowmobile club, has recently set up an on-line store within our website through Café Press.  There are over 150 items available to purchase with our club logo imprinted on them. Café Press handles the purchase and the shipping of the items.  The club will receive $3.00 for each item purchased.  Do you want some cool club swag - sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, glassware and more displaying the club logo?  There are over 100 items available...Just go to and click on the Store link at the top of the page to check it out!

Club Banners:

A new banner was purchased to advertise our snowmobile club at events we are having.  This banner was displayed at the January meeting.  Mark suggested we purchase additional universal banners to advertise at multiple events as well as banners we can display thanking the landowners for the use of their land.  A motion was made and 2nd to budget up to $500 for additional banners or signage to promote the club.

Northern Trails Unlimited Fundraiser Support:

Aimee Merkel from Boomba asked if the Northwoods Riders would like to purchase two $100 tickets as we did last year for the Northern Trails Unlimited fundraiser event for equipment upgrades to be held on February 14th.  A motion was made and 2nd to purchase two $100 tickets and have a drawing at the January meeting to give away the tickets.  It was decided that if the recipients win any money at the event, the winnings would come back to the club. The first $100 ticket was won by Steve and Nancy Gillen and the second $100 ticket was won by Mark and Julia McDonald.

Club Stickers:

Reflective club stickers are available for a $1.00 donation. If you would like a sticker, please pick one up at the monthly meeting or reach out to us at

Charitable Giving:

Historically, the Northwoods Riders Snowmobile Club makes charitable donations to various causes in December of each year (and at other times).  For the past many years our contributions have gone to the following organizations or causes;  Tomahawk Food Pantry, Nokomis Food Pantry, Our Sister’s House, The Salvation Army Backpack Program and The Wisconsin Military Veteran’s Snowmobile Ride.  Last year the club made a one-time donation to the Nokomis Fire Department.

Recently, the club’s Board of Directors received negative feedback about these donations from multiple members/former members.  Their concern is that our giving is not snowmobile related.  In at least one case the individual was upset enough to leave our club and join another.

Our club By-Laws state that “the purpose of the Northwoods Riders is to stimulate and advance the general welfare and safety of snowmobiling, to serve the interests of snowmobile owners, to defend such owners against discriminatory legislation, regulation and burdensome taxation, to develop a fraternal spirit among local snowmobile and other winter sport enthusiasts, to provide a medium of the exchange of snowmobiling information, to own or lease property for club uses, and to perform all desirable and lawful functions for the successful operation of the club and in the general public interest.”

The Board of Directors, and the general membership, has in the past felt that our charitable giving was within the scope of this purpose.  Our donations are voted on by the general membership every year, typically at the November meeting. 

Each year the club asks members to offer suggestions for different or additional causes to receive our donations.  In fact, this year we put a request in the November newsletter for suggestions – and received none. 

Aside from the charitable giving listed above, it may be valuable to share where else the funds of our club go to further the purpose of the club and the sport of snowmobiling in the area.  Last year our club donated $5,000 each ($10,000 total) to two area grooming clubs to purchase a track system for a tractor in one case, and to purchase a hydraulic brush cutter in the other.  Three years ago the club donated $12,500 to an area club for the purchase of a new grooming drag.  About seven years ago a $25,000 donation was made to purchase another grooming drag.  Each year the club sponsors, at no cost, 20 – 40 area youth in obtaining their DNR Snowmobile Safety Certificates.  Club volunteers teach the class and all costs are covered by our club.  We financially support area grooming clubs by purchasing raffle tickets for their fundraisers and provide the Entertainment Prizes each year for the Winter Celebration held by Northwoods Passage.  Our club sponsors, in part, the cost of Land Owner Gift Certificates given by Northwoods Passage as a thank you to landowners who allow us to traverse their lands.  Each year our club gives $50 gift certificates to all area groomer operators working for Northern Trails Unlimited, The Knight Owls and Northwoods Passage.  And, for every member that pays dues to the Northwoods Riders, we forward $12 on to the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs.  This is the organization that coordinates efforts at the state and federal level to promote the advancement of our sport – lobbying for all of us.

While donations to area food pantries, shelters and youth nutrition programs may not be directly snowmobile related, it is hard to argue that it is not in the general public interest.  That said, we WELCOME ideas and suggestions for other worthy snowmobile-oriented causes to which we can offer financial assistance as we are able.

Please feel free to send your suggestions to, contact a Board Member or attend a monthly meeting.

January Meeting Winners!

$25 Boomba Gift Certificate – Jim Rau

50/50 drawing – Rod Fisher won $167.50

T-shirts donated by Boomba Bar were won by Mike Wick and Kutzy Kastein

Upcoming Events Include:

February 17  - Club Ride 6:00 p.m. @ Twin Bay

February 20 - Maday’s Fisheree @ Maday’s Fish Trap

February 22 - Club Meeting @ Twin Bay

February 27 - Sled Raffle @ Somo Beach Resort

March 4 - Club Ride 6:00 p.m. @ Boomba

March 22 - Club Meeting @ Holly’s

July 17  - Pontoon Palooza @ Sattler’s Landing



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