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Northwoods Riders Snowmobile Club April 2021 Newsletter

Next Meeting

September 27, 2021
Thirsty Giraffe
Board Meeting at 6:00
General Meeting at 7:00

President – Mark McDonald
Vice President – Greg Johnson
Treasurer – Lana Johnson
Secretary – Rita Meidam

John Collom                        Membership – Chetek Wenker
Dale Elliot                            Newsletter – Bette Theobald 
Andy King
Lowell Meidam                                         
Dennis Wenker

Night Owls Fish Boil Fundraiser:

The Night Owls will be having a fundraiser to support the cost of a new building to house their groomer.  Tickets are $35.00 which includes the meal and ticket for the drawing.  Only 250 tickets will be sold and are available for purchase at Erv's, Nutzee's, and Vieguts.

Pontoon Palooza Volunteers Needed:

The Pontoon Palooza will be held Saturday July 17th at The Landing.  Volunteers are needed to help make this event possible.  Thank you to those who have already volunteered their time.  We appreciate you!

Site planning and set up - Mike and Sandy Weich

Raffle ticket distribution and pick up from local establishments - Help is needed

Food Service - Dennis and Chetek will oversee and mentor any new volunteers for this responsibility.

Beverages - Lowell and Rita will oversee and mentor any new volunteers for this responsibility.

Deliver stamp sheets - Help is needed

50/50 raffle ticket sales - Chetek will lead and is looking for volunteers to help with this.

Themed pontoon boat contest - Help is needed to coordinate this event.

Please consider getting involved.  This event is a great way to meet new people and have fun in the process!  If you would like to volunteer,  email us at

Membership Totals:

We currently have 484 members in our club with 78 new members. New members at the March meeting were Paul Wurl and Jeff & Joyce Peterson.  Thanks for joining us!

Groomer Drivers Appreciation Gift:

Thank you letters and $50 Chamber Bucks were sent out to the 16 groomer drivers for the Night Owls, Northern Trails Unlimited and Northwoods Passage groomer drivers.  Thanks to each and every one of you!

AWSC Director Visit:

The AWSC Director from Lincoln County gave an update on the dollars received from snowmobilers comparing 2020 to 2021 with very solid numbers for the two years.  Gary also assured club members the $10.00 paid into AWSC is passed on to the DNR for trail funding.

Donation Request:

Brian Viegut presented a request to the Northwoods Snowmobile Club for a possible donation to the Northwoods Passage Club to help with the purchase of a replacement drag.  They are currently in the process of checking out 2-3 different drags at a cost of $24,000 to $29,000.  Mark explained the board approved a donation in support of the drag.  This will be further discussed at our September general meeting.

Board nominations:

Board nominations were opened at the March meeting.  The open positions include: president, secretary, and three board of director positions currently being held by John Collom, Dale Elliott, and Dennis Wenker.

A nomination was made for Mark McDonald for president and he declined.

A nomination was made for Jerry Otterholt for president and he will think about it.

A nomination was made for Rita Meidam for secretary position and she declined.

A nomination was made for Lisa Elliott for secretary and she was not present at the meeting.

A nomination was made for Chetek Wenker for secretary position and she will think about it.

A nomination was made for John Collom for the board position and he accepted.

A nomination was made for Dale Elliott for the board position and he accepted.

A nomination was made for Gregg Rummel for the board position and he declined.

A nomination was made for Dennis Wenker for the board position and he accepted.

Voting for club officers will take place in the fall.  If you or someone you know is interested in one of the open positions, you can nominate them by sending an email to or by attending the September meeting.

On-Line Store:

Have you checked out the new On-Line Store yet?  There are over 150 items available to purchase with our club logo imprinted on them. Café Press handles the purchase and the shipping of the items.  Our club receives $3.00 for each item purchased.  You can find the Store link at the top of the webpage

Club Stickers:

Reflective club stickers are available for a $1.00 donation. If you would like a sticker, please pick one up at the monthly meeting or reach out to us at

March Meeting Winners

$25 Holly's Gift Certificate – Aimee Merkel

50/50 drawing – John Collom won $100.00 and graciously donated $50 back to the club. 




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