Northwoods Riders Snowmobile Club

December 2019 Newsletter




President – Mark McDonald

Vice President – Chris Schultz

Treasurer – Lana Johnson

Secretary – Rita Meidam



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Lowell Meidam

Gregg Rummel

Dennis Wenker


Next Meeting

December 16, 2019

Oaks Pub

Board Meeting at 6:00

General Meeting at 7:00


Trail Report:


We’ve had excellent early season snow!  Sometimes too much of a good thing can cause problems though…we have a lot of downed trees on our trails and the lakes and swamps are not good right now.  We anticipate the need to canvas trails and remove downed trees from the heavy snow before trails can be opened.  We will send alerts out as we need volunteers to help clear trails, pack trails and mark the lakes…stay tuned.


New Club Members:


Our club continues to grow; we currently have 367 members!  New club members introduced at the November meeting include Ann Milligan, Bob Hobson, Steve and Nancy Gillen and Brad Montag.  Welcome!


November Meeting Winners:


Everyone who attends the club meetings are automatically entered into a drawing for a door prize and have the opportunity to enter a 50/50 raffle drawing.  November winners were:


50/50 Raffle:  John Collom – $100

Door Prize:  Roger Selmer – Oak Ridge Embroidery Gift Certificate


Volunteer Opportunities:


TRAIL MARKING – When the lakes are safe, we will need volunteers to assist with marking, placing the barrels, signs and markers.  If you are interested in helping, please send an email message to with your contact information.


FILL THE TRUCK – The club will be assisting the local food pantries (Tomahawk and Nokomis) by picking up donated food from Heritage Chevrolet and moving it to the food pantry locations.  If you are interested in helping with this, be at the December meeting to learn more.


CLUB BREAKFAST – If you are willing to help at this year’s club breakfast on February 2nd, please send an email message to . This is a great club event where members and their families can come together to enjoy breakfast and club camaraderie.  It does, however, require that some members work to set things up, buss tables, serve food, etc.  Would you like to volunteer this year to make this club event a success?


Nokomis Fire Department:


Don and Joe from the Nokomis Fire Department were onsite to demonstrate the rescue equipment they currently use.  Don explained how this equipment works as well as the many functions of the unit, and how important safety is when coming upon an accident scene on the trail.  Currently the department is in need of better lighting, signage to warn other snowmobilers of an accident in the area, and newer radios (they are still using radios from the 1970s!)


Annual Donations:


The following donations have been made as voted on by the club during the November meeting:


$1,000.00        Tomahawk Food Pantry

$   500.00        Backpack Program

$   500.00        Vet’s Ride

$   500.00        Our Sister’s House

$   500.00        Nokomis Fire Department – Specified for snowmobile safety and rescue


Student Snowmobile Group:


Dale Elliott reported that he will meet with Brian Perrodin regarding the implementation of an organized snowmobile group for students in the Tomahawk School District. A policy has been developed and a staff member will need to sponsor this group.   Brian Perrodin has offered to be the sponsor. Dale and Brian will complete the necessary paperwork to begin this process.  Stay tuned for further updates!  Thank you Dale and Brian!


AWSC Organization:


Gary Hilgendorf, the Lincoln County AWSC Director, was present and spoke to club members about what is currently happening in the AWSC organization.


  • KAOS is looking for a representative for Lincoln County. KAOS stands for Kids and Adults On Snowmobiles.  AWSC needs a youngster from Lincoln County to represent the organization in its efforts to get more involvement in club snowmobiling amongst the sports younger participants.  If you (or your family) are interested in learning more, please contact Gary Hilgendorf or Mark McDonald.
  • Gary explained they are trying to get rid of the 40 foot rule so snowmobilers can ride 10 feet off the paved surface in either direction. This rule change would impact snowmobile clubs with more funding opportunities.
  • He is also looking for support for club members to go to and search for Bluemound State Park and support Alternate #2. Without this support the park would become closed to snowmobilers and this ultimately could impact other parks in the future. You can share your support for Alternate #2 by logging onto and following the links.
  • Work is being done to control lighting on snowmobiles to be sure you do not have over 300 lumens or the lights must be dimmable.
  • All trails will be GPS’d and groomers will start running trackers. The trail boss will be able to locate a groomer within one minute.


Organized Trail Rides:


Wouldn’t it be fun to join others for a day/days riding the beautiful Northwoods trails?  If you would like to organize a trail ride, please contact Mark McDonald at with the trail ride details you create.  (Example: Organizer’s name, phone number, meet Saturday morning, 10:00 a.m. at Thirsty Giraffe, returning approximately 6:00 p.m., first 12 sleds to contact me are in.)  He will post them on our website for all to see.  What a great way to meet new people, we have over 300 members in our club, and to possibly share new trails with others.  It would be awesome to see a few of these get organized by one of our members this year!


Upcoming Events Include:


December 16th Club meeting will be held at Oaks.

December 28th Northwoods Passage Slush Run at Thirsty Giraffe

January 5th Big Cash Raffle Bootleggers

January 25th Cruisin for Cancer leaving from the Boathouse in Minocqua – $50.00 ticket to ride

January 27th Club meeting will be held at Boomba.

February 1st Trailside Cookout 11:00- 3:00

February 2nd Club Breakfast at Bootleggers (9:00 – noon)

February 24th Club meeting will be held at Twin Bay