DNR Youth Safety Instruction

We can help teach your kids to be safe riders!

Anyone who wishes to operate a snowmobile on Wisconsin’s public trails and was born on or after January 1, 1985 must participate in a DNR certified training class, pass a proficiency test and obtain a Wisconsin issued certificate.  A number of our club members have obtained credentials from the DNR to teach these classes, and do so on a volunteer basis.  Each year anywhere from 20 to 40 students participate in the class and are able to take the test and earn their DNR certificate.  The class is generally held on a Saturday in late November or early December and is open to anyone wishing to participate (students need not be related to members of the club).  In-person registration is required Wednesday evening before the class.  Classroom instruction and testing is a FULL DAY on Saturday.  Students must obtain a Wisconsin DNR Customer ID from the GoWild website https://gowild.wi.gov/customers/profile/new before registering for the class.  Check the “Events” tab for an upcoming class and information about registering to attend.

2018 Safety Class 1